RFC: Merging the Media module in Neos

TL’DR: Currently the Media package contains the Media browser controllers and templates, this RCF will move all Media Browser related codes and template to the Neos package.

Team Unicorn will work on this

The Media package controllers and templates need some override to be uses in Neos. So adding a feature in Neos, need some modification and testing on the Media package and the Neos package. Keeping the raw Media browser module working and clean is pretty hard. Some templates in the Media package contains hacks to run on the Neos context.

This RFC will remove all controllers and template from the Media package and move everything to Neos. This can be done for 2.1.

This RCF can be seen as a first step to the refactoring of the Media browser for better experience in Neos.


This change will simplify a lots working on Media browser improvements.


People who use the Media package controllers and templates directly on their own application will needs to copy the code from the Media package 2.0.x to their own application package.

+1 from my side. The concept about making it standalone is great on paper, but very impractical in reality. The gain is very little compared to the hassle. I wonder if anybody is actually using the media controllers on their own.

This will also allow us to write an interface based on Ember instead in the long run, which could provide a much better solution than the current one. But we might need to work on the refactoring of the JS backend before we can really bootstrap other modules than then content module in a good way.

There’s one thing we should consider, which is making it a separate package but part of the development collection. The more modules we build, the more we bloat the core package. At least we decided to do this for some of the new backend modules like the TypoScript overview package.

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:+1: I’m in favor of having every backend module in a separate package, for the shake of flexibility and keeping the core as slim as possible.

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Hey Dominique & Aske,

:+1: for moving it to a separate package, part of the Neos Dev Collection.

All the best,

You can found a first WIP patch for the new Neos.MediaBrowser here:

Any comments highly welcome on the github PR if it’s related or here for more general discussion.

@aertmann @sebastian The PR is more or less done, the backend module is now fully in the MediaBrowser package, if you can check the PR and comment if you think something else need to be done for the first step, share your thought :wink:

Hopefully there is not too much left over in the Neos and Media package, but that need also to be carefully reviewed.

:+1: for moving controllers and templates into Neos Core in form of a separate package! As long as the core functionality like models and services stays in Media, that’s totally fine and a good improvement.

Hey everybody,

we (Team Unicorn) will work on this project!

All the best,

And it’s not cooking licking :cake: