RFC: Move Sitegeist.Archaeopteryx link editor to the core

Hi all!

You might have heard of https://github.com/sitegeist/Sitegeist.Archaeopteryx which is a mighty link editor and a great addition to the current slick but limited Neos link editor.

We are using the editor in more and more projects and the customers are very happy. Especially on larger sites, it enables the editor to find the correct target document. We are also working on lots of improvements and fixes right now, although its already very solid.

I talked to @Nezaniel and @mficzel and they would be happy to have the feature in the core.

Here are the options and I would like to hear your votes:

  • Add it as an additional editor to Neos.Ui
  • Add it as a separate package under the Neos Namespace
  • Add it as a separate package under the Flowpack Namespace

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Just found the related issue https://github.com/neos/neos-ui/issues/2669 : )

i would very much like it in the core :wink:

Things about Code: Hooks and Functional Components vs what we have currently
The Link Editor’s code comes with more modern react functional components and also hooks (via an adaptation layer).

Hooks and FC are not used in the ui currently, we use hoc (the things with the decorators) and class components.

When we keep the adaptation layer of the hooks and move them also in the core we would have two different write forms, but having both options in the ui at the same time could help to migrate eventually all code to functional components with hooks and gives 3rd party authors (you and me :joy:) fancier tools.

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I found out that this Editor makes use if rxjs for its own state management see:

in the ui we would archive this task via redux (and sagas)?.

just mixing this as is into the ui wouldt be clean, i think.

also another point is that the plugin uses a highly modular structure - 7 workspace packages thats a lot in comparison to the whole ui, which for example uses one subpackage for ALL editors.

how can we integrate this highly modular plugin without loosing its structure (i love that its so clean and seperated!)

With this editor in the core, it would no more be a missing link editor, but become THE Link Editor, right? :slight_smile:
Would it make sense to change the name to just “Linkeditor” within Neos.Ui?

I would like to bring back attention to this topic. It would be very, very nice to have it by default in Neos. Maybe after 9.0 release.

Yes the editor would be renamed. Question is wether it should replace the current LinkEditor, in that case it should support starting points outside the current site or wether it schould be an alternative with a distinct name. How about LinkDialogEditor

I think it would make sense to have both. As sometimes the use case is just a simple link which should not open a whole dialog.