RFC: Remote asset management

Dear Neos developers!
Here’s the idea that came from discussion with Christian, Robert and some other team members: RFC: Remote asset management

We at sfi.ru desperately need this one, so I’d be able to dedicate parts of my worktime to this, but obviously we need more experienced people to work on it with me, as this change is way to big for me along. (Christian, did you make up your mind?)


I really like this idea. Actually we had a similar usecase where a customer needed to upload graphics that will be used in the site as collections of assets. So having the grouping of asset collections for example based on a remote path would’ve allowed to just collect those graphics in a way that’s completely transparent / known to the user. And we run some multisite stuff shared over distributions where graphics could be re-used too.

What I’m not so sure about is having the RemoteMedia package, I think I’d rather use this opportunity to transform the Media package into an api package and move the UI stuff to a separate package. This would also be more natural for the usage in Neos. But maybe I overcomplicate the things now :wink:

I’d btw also be interested in helping out

Great initiative! I’m pretty busy today / this week, but will take a look as soon as possible.