RFC: Smart Clipboard

Continuing the discussion from RFC: Allow to define a dialog which will be shown on node creation:

Just to post it somewhere, and I think it make sense as a follow up topic, we discuss yesterday with @aertmann about how to make Neos smarter and more natural to use for the user. We focus on how reference (to other node, document node or asset) work actually. The current behaviour is pretty broken depending on what you search and the amount of data you have.

So we found that the clip board (from the navigate component, content clipboard or the system clipboard of the navigateur) is a cool source of information.

Why is it related to the new dialog box on node creation, let’s say the editor did:

  1. Copy the URL of a youtube page
  2. Try to create a new content node type in Neos
  3. Neos should be smart enough to ask the user if it need to integrate this youtube video
  4. If the user say Yes, Neos should insert the new node and make all the configuration required to have this video in the page

If this “smart clip board” feature is extensible, we can imagine doing the same thing for any kind of integration (link from a shop, from social network, …)

Other use case for the smart clip board:

  1. The user copy a node and select the link editor (in alhoa or in the inspector), Neos should ask if the link need to point to this content or document node
  2. Same thing for asset
  3. The user copy a link from Wikipedia, Neos know how to integrated a teaser from the wikipedia page, ask the user, … and do it