RFC: The Neos Chamber Orchestra

Now for something completely different:

As I love to make music in ensembles and as I am pretty sure to have heard about other people in this community making music as well, we could think about… well, orchestrating ourselves to get such an ensemble going.

The first step would bei to find out who is interested and plays/sings what. Then we should compare our favorite styles and see whether the outcome is a Chamber Orchestra, a Pop Cover Band or a Death Metal Combo.

The next step would be to agree on some songs and pieces we would like to work on.

We could then use some of the Sprint evenings to do (open) rehearsals, maybe with professional support of necessary

And finally, the Social Event at the conference could serve as the stage for an annual concert.

What do you think?

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I’ll start with myself:

Instrument: violin
Favorite styles: Soundtracks, Irish Folk, "Classical"
James Newton Howard: The Gravel Road
John Williams: The Chairman’s Waltz
Div. trad.: The Lonesome Boatman / Follow Me Up To Carlow / Morrison’s


nice idea! I’d like to join.

Instrument: Cello
Some favorite Bands:
Morphine, Dry Cleaning, Squid, Portishead, Massive Attack, The Police, All Them Witches, She Keeps Bees

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Hi everyone

Unfortunately, I’m not a regular sprint attendee, but I would be ready to contribute where I’m useful. I’m a musical director and composer/arranger/orchestrator, mainly active in the field of musical theatre. So if the chamber orchestra e.g. needs an arrangement of a piece, I could certainly contribute that and lead a rehearsal. Stylistically, this could be anything between “Classical”, Soundtrack, Pop, Funk etc. - however I don’t have any Death Metal skills ;-).