RFC: travel budget proposal for Dresden'18 sprint for Dmitri

Dear team!

I ask you to kindly cover my sprint travel expenses again for the same reasons as before: I am working in a non-profit company that is not able to cover my travel expenses and unfortunately I can not easily pay for it from my personal budget.

The tickets cost me 290eur (21357rub).

Greetings from beautiful Dresden!



See you tomorrow and ofc :+1:


Hello Dmitri.

How can I help you? Do you have a bank account to deposit on? Startet a crowdfunding campaign :wink: or something else?

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@kathleen.peschke I think he is asking about CIC money from sponsorships :slight_smile:

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Thanks Kathleen, but yes, as Max said, luckily we can sponsor travel expenses from the Neos Foundation budget, which makes attending these sprints much easier for me :slight_smile:

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Hi Dmitri, we will get a React UI supporter badge to support your travel costs.


Thanks a lot, David, really appreciate your care!