RFC: travel budget proposal for Dusseldorf sprint for Dmitri and Yuri

Dear team!

I’m going to the next code sprint in Dusseldorf and plan to be working on the new UI, among other things.
As most of you know my situation, I work in a non-profit company which cannot cover my travel expenses, but which would allow me to go as part of my working time.
I ask the Neos team to cover my plane tickets (290eur).

Also, I invited my friend Yuri Zaverukha to join the code sprint. He is currently working as a SAP consultant and helps as a volunteer in our non-profit. He will be joining on his vacation time. He has some experience with Neos (completed two projects) and would like to help out with Neos development. He’s ready to pay 50% of the tickets and asks us to cover the second half (145eur).

So in total, it would be 290+145=435eur for the two of us.

Looking forward to seeing ya’all soon!


I would think this should be a no brainer…

Still it’s a Flavor L decision or smth… Sounds very official! :slight_smile:

Just do it, you deserve it (both of you)

Absolutely a go from my side!

Go Go Go!! <3

Thanks a lot for your trust, I hope we did not let it down :slight_smile:
I’m really happy that Yuri was able to go, he’s super happy still :smile: