RFC: travel budget proposal for Hamburg'18 sprint for Dmitri

(Dmitri Pisarev) #1

Dear team!

I would like to ask the Neos project to cover my plane tickets for the Hamburg’18 sprint. I will pay the AirBNB accommodation from my personal budget. Initially I wanted to handle the tickets as well myself, but it seems I’ve overestimated my personal budget abilities :slight_smile:

The tickets costed me 232eur (16618rub).

The reason why I have to ask for support is the same as before: I work in a non-profit company which can not support my travel expenses but is ready to send me to the codesprint as part of my working time.


(Christian Müller) #2

Totally in favor…

(Bastian Heist) #3

+1 here

(Tobias Gruber) #4

Only in favor votes, so I will send the reimbursement :slight_smile: