RFC: Use Uservoice for voting features

It would be nice to have a visible and easy to use way for users of Neos to vote and create feature ideas. I think Uservoice is doing a nice job and some projects like Mattermost use it to collect valuable information: http://mattermost.uservoice.com/forums/306457-general/filters/new

This will be more work for managing the connection between the feature requests and actual issues in JIRA, but it’s a transparent and open way to collaborate at the most basic level of the product.

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The UserVoice setups I have seen so far looked like a ixture of idea graveyard and community forum to me. So, to be useful this needs to be “maintained” actively, adding yet another kitchen duty along the way.

I mean, we can prove that observation wrong, but… it won’t be a walk in the park, I fear.

Hey Christopher. Good that you bring this topic up. I’ve considered such tools previously, but concluded not to pursue them for a couple of reasons. However I do agree that the end users need a better way to be involved and to be able to show what’s important for them. Especially a way to show what’s most important to them. Instead of introducing additional tools with yet another user base, I thought of using our existing tool Jira and improving the accessibility and visibility part. One way to do that would be to display all issues on the website sorted by votes and with the possibility to filter by project and issue type. Along with an explanation and introduction how to participate. The goal of this is to make it possible for the community to influence what’s prioritized by showing what’s important to them, both regarding features and bugs. Planned to work on this when the website project is a bit further.

Further ideas for this is to integrate Jira for displaying ongoing projects as a roadmap similar to what all the browser vendors do.

Like @kdambekalns an additional tool requires maintenance, which we are already struggling with for our current tools. Also you’d end up with lots of duplicate content.

I like Uservoice, but maybe we can first resort to ways supported by or integrated with Jira. Even though I’m (to be honest) only medium happy with Jira (at least for Neos), it’s the tool we use and I think we shouldn’t change that again.

AFAIK, there’s an issue catcher functionality in Jira which we could use. And then render some list of issues and use voting functionality directly in Jira (I’m just guessing that this exists).

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Now that Jira is history, we could think about integrating the Github issues to the website somehow… The GH API allows to fetch issues by +1-reactions…