RFC: Workspace roles

The workspaces feature is quite nice but is a problem that workspaces are either private (for personal use) ur internal (for all editors).

While permissions in general is a very complicated topic the following extension could help to make workspaces much more useful for projects with multiple roles.


  • Add a role selection to each workspace
  • For private workspaces the selected roles grant access in addition to the workspace owner
  • For internal workspaces the roles limit the list of roles that may access the workspace (if no role is selected Neos.Neos:AbstractEditor is assumed)


  • Does this make sense?
  • Should there be a distinction between read and write access (basically two role selections per workspace)
  • Should this replace the concept of internal workspaces entirely as those might be just workspaces that have granted access to the “Neos.Neos:AbstractEditor” group.

As discussed I like the idea a lot.

I quickly add the use cases that we discussed as far as I understood them:

Community contributions to Neos docs:

An editor with limited permissions can prepare content and collaborate with editors that have more permissions to get it live. Multiple of those users shouldn’t not have access to each others content.

Editorial processes when multiple groups of editors prepare content together

A group of editors defined by their role work together in a workspace but can keep their private workspace to themselves. Other editors not involved with their topics have no access.

We also already discussed this and I like the idea!