Rideshare Neos Conference 2020

Dear Neos Community and friends,

since sustainability is a very important topic, we thought about what we can do to help create awareness and find ways to support people who want to do something, but don’t know how to.

That’s why we thought of creating a discuss post for people to organize ride shares to Neos Conference 2020 in Dresden.

You are driving to Neos Conference and have free seats in the car? You’d like to take the train and save money by buying a group ticket? You need a ride because you can’t take a train and you don’t have a car?

Please post your city/route, date+time, way of transport and seats available. Or if you want to find a ride or a group for a possible rideshare, post your city and possible dates+time.

Let’s keep the world a great place :slight_smile: