Role based Admin UI and workspaces as sub sites?

Hi there,
Just recently I discovered Neos CMS and I’m very excited about it. Currently I’m investigating it’s suitability to our requirements.

For the website de Staat van Groningen (in Dutch only, sorry) about 50 people write explanatory texts using a custom built kind of CMS with inline editing.

I’ve seen that in Neos it’s possible to configure the Administrator UI according to the role of the logged in user. Is it possible to define a “Restricted editor” role and have the UI show just the main content panel? So with the Content Repository and Inspector panels removed from the UI entirely?

At the moment we use a three stepped workflow (“work”, “draft”, “live”) where “reviewers” can review and navigate all pages in “draft”. All of “draft” is a complete site including navigation so all information can be seen in the right context.
So also I would like to know whether or not it’s possible to create a sub site, like “draft”, based upon the workflow status or some other “flag”.

Thanks for your answers and time.