Rough timeframe for the new

Hey @berit and @aertmann

I feel like we have a lot of information currently which we need to publish on as soon as possible, among them a good new section about “how to contribute to Neos”. Now, I’m wondering if we should wait for the new website to be ready or if it makes sense to already improve the existing structure / content and then move content to the new website once it is ready?

I’m aware of the Jira project and your tasks collection, just asking about your rough estimation for the relaunch.

I’d say, let’s rather not wait, but morph the existing website into the direction of the new one whenever we need to publish something important.

Hi Robert

Project has stalled a bit during the last two weeks due to various reasons.

Not sure when we’ll be able to have something finished tbh., would be able to say better during the code sprint.

In general I decided not to spend time updating content on the current website, because of it being too cumbersome to work with. But if anybody wants to do it, feel free to do so. We should be able to migrate the content fairly easily. Also Karsten has created a few pages already, so similar can just be done.

If working on new content, please keep the newly proposed content structure in mind so it can work in that structure later on.