RouteParts: Convert node identifier to it's title

Hi there,

I’m stucking on converting a (Document-) node identifier inside an URL into it’s title. Something like “object-route-parts”:

But i’m not in plugin context and having this common URL:


The result should be:


A “category” is a common NEOS document node. My hope was to define this:
uriPattern: '{node}?category={category}'

With something like this:
objectType: ‘Neos\ContentRepository\Domain\Model\Node’
uriPattern: ‘{title}’

… to link it. Can I work this way with common nodes? I cannot find an example. And to work with the nodes title directly inside the URL is not an real option, of course.

Kind regards,


Not knowing if possible in the context, but try {properties.title} - similar to how you can access properties of a node in Fusion/Eel context