Routing in plugins - Objects

Hello guys,
i have a small problem. I created a plugin and i want to optimize the routing.
The plugin uses entities instead of nodes. So i use the routeParts section with objectType (
Using the route with identifier is working.

My workflow:

  1. Updated route with routeParts
  2. Added @Flow\Identity in my entity with property title
  3. Generated migrations (Added a new unique index to the property title)
  4. Migrated the new migration

Here are the snippets
- name: 'Kunde.MainWebsite Calculator By Product' uriPattern: '{node}/produkt/{product}.html' defaults: '@package': 'TYPO3.Neos' '@controller': 'Frontend\Node' '@format': 'html' '@action': 'show' '--kunde_mainwebsite-calculator': '@package': 'Kunde.MainWebsite' '@subpackage': '' '@controller': 'Frontend\Product' '@action': 'calculator' routeParts: node: handler: TYPO3\Neos\Routing\FrontendNodeRoutePartHandler product: objectType: 'Kunde\MainWebsite\Domain\Model\Product' appendExceedingArguments: TRUE


  • An product

  • @Flow\Entity
    class Product {


    • Title
    • @var string
    • @Flow\Identity
    • @Flow\Validate(type=“NotEmpty”)
    • @Flow\Validate(type=“StringLength”, options={ “minimum”=1, “maximum”=80 })
    • @ORM\Column(length=80)
      protected $title;


I have a title like “Strom BASIS”, so i tried the url “{my-node}/produkt/strom-basis.html”. But i get the error “Page not found. Missing controller”.

{my-node} is the page, wehere i added the plugin.

Thanks in advance for your help

Greets Rene

Addition: With uriPattern in the Routes.yaml it is working correctly.
With @Flow\Identity its is not working.