Running Neos with /cms/ alias on Nginx

Does somebody has a working confirguration to run Neos within a nginx alias? other application root directory for neos

You can try to do it with an nginx proxy … but not sure if it will work.

Just curious, but why did you spend time on hiding the product ?

the reason is to extend an onlineshop with cms pages: = onlineshop = extend the online shop with neos cms pages

(its a very simple integration without heavy adjustments)

So sorry I misunderstood your needs :wink: I understand that you don’t want to use the /neos to the backend.

I never try this setup personally, but a proxy to an other vhost that run Neos, should work. Not sure, but maybe this feature will be of interest for you: You can watch the Jira, I should work on it during next weeks.