Seminar management project

Hello everybody,

we currently have some customers who need a seminar management system in Flow/Neos.
As they have quite some common requirements we’re thinking of doing a crowd finance campaign to develop a flexible seminar management base which should be easy extensible for further usage.

Would anybody be interested on that and jump in or does anybody already have something in development / developed a seminar management?

Features that are on the table:

  • Customer groups
  • Manage participants
  • Recurring events
  • Events at different locations
  • Volume discount
  • Customer groups
  • Registration approval

We would define a basic model that fulfills the most essential requirements and would be flexible (e.g. use NeosCR instead of domain models) and implement that. We could define financing goals with defined feature sets etc.

Feel free to comment or join the idea.

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… didn’t Sebastian Kurfürst designed the ‘Neos.Conference’ package 5 years ago?, - which manages their ‘Neos-Conference’ - workflow since. Doesn’t this cover some aspects of your project …?

The package is not available on public, - but I remember having analysed its model at that time and found that it had some interesting structures …
May be it would be worth to contact him … ?

General approaches … ?

In general, time planning domains are quite complex, and tool owners (agendas) like Google, etc loved to have understood the deepness of the problem for a general approach of real world …

In fact, the complexity resides in the problem, that you have to implement a ‘multi-dimensional tagging’ construction.
Tagging implementation’ seems simple - but is probably not, if the tagging has multiple dimensions.

  • asset-management in the Neos.Media package has 2 dimensions actually (?)

To point out some ‘native’ (?) Categories:


  • Feiertage
  • Ferien
  • Freitage
  • Absenzen
  • Bereitschaft
  • Arbeitszeiten


  • Besetzung
  • Hierarchie
  • Quittierung


  • Geographischer Ort
  • Gebäude
  • Lokal
  • Equipements


  • Projektname
  • Projektart
  • Priorität
  • Status
  • Besetzung

Good luck for finding a constructive approach …


Hi Hans,

we also had that requirement a few times for Neos projects so it would be interesting for us to talk about the features and see if we can share some effort.



Sure let’s talk.

In general the outcome of the project should be something like for the world of Flow in Neos as open source package that is easily adoptable and extensible (and tested ;-)).