Send Form values via Mail

i managed to create a Form and to setup the Mailsending with the finisher.

In the default configuration, the EMail is sending a message to a static adress.

What i want is to send the values of the form to a static mailadress and a copy to the sender of the form.

Is there an example how to send the form values?

Hey Finn,

It depends a bit, on how you built up the form (Yaml / Fusion / Nodes) but you can access the form values in any case with ´ formState.formValues

Example with a node based form, in the finisher:


Example in a fluid based mail body:

{} sent a message:



Does that help`?

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Hey Daniel,
thanks for your help! I am using the Neos Form Builder with default settings so far.

I managed to get the dynamic recipient. Very nice!

How can I define a fluid based mail and how to define that this one is used? At the moment, I am sending just the Mail text defined in the backend email finisher options.