Separate Package for common functionalities: Which composer package type to use?

Hi Neos friends!

I would like to share common content elements (NodeTypes, Fusion files) across different projects. What is the current recommended approach to achieve this? I thought to create some separate Composer package, but I was not sure which Composer type should be used? I have seen “neos-plugin” and also “neos-package”. What is the difference?

Thanks for clarification!

There is no technical difference between neos-plugins and neos-package, only neos-site packages are handled differently.

Mostly neos-package is used while neos-plugin generally is for stuff that adds larger isolated functions but there are no strict rules. You may even use “neos-unicorn” as package-type which is fine aswell and will lead to a folder named “Unicorn” containing all packages of this type.


Or neos-mycompanyname resulting in those packages being installed to Packages/mycompanyname/The.Package

But unicorn is so much nicer :unicorn: also it actually supports unicode. So neos-:duck:terprise would be a valid package type aswell. Might be a bit hard to navigate via shell but why not.

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So true!

thanks @martoro and @christianm for your explanations!
I will go the unicorn way :slight_smile: