Server Requirements

Hello There,

I am quite confused about this forum, nobody response here generally.

I am facing a slow workspace page opening issue. It will take 3 minutes to open.

Can anybody guide what server infra requirement to run neos smothly.

PHP memory_limit, max_execution_time , etc

I google and found no solution.

If anyone suggests, that would be great for me.


You must have forgotten to hit “enter” after entering your search query

You are welcome :slight_smile:

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Thanks Soren,
I had seen that page.

Actually problem in memory_limit and max_execution_time .

On my Azure server it takes 180 sec time out. As NEOS is very new to me. So confuse and have so many questions.

Why it taking so long time?
What is PHP memory limit required?

In our project NEOS has 4.0 version? is that is issue?

Once again thanks for your feedback

What gave you this feeling? From what I see 90% of questions are answered quite quickly here.
When you say something like that it feels rather sad for the people here who put a lot of their free time into helping others here.

And there can be lots of reasons why your site is slow which are not related to Neos.
Maybe start by looking at my blog post about Neos performance

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I assume you habe an issue with the workspace module. That can indeed get slow if you have lots of changes open in a workspace.

Can you give some details on the number of open workspaces and changes?