Settings.Neos.Fusion.Afx -> This property is not allowed here

I’ve got an installation that throws the following error in Neos backend in administration/configuration/settings:

Settings.Neos.Fusion.Afx -> This property is not allowed here, check the spelling if you think it belongs here.

Two questions with this:

  1. How can I get rid of this?
    I know how to set or change the value for this setting, but how can I remove it?

  2. How can I find out, where this item gets set?
    Is there an easy way? Or do I have to search the entire project for “Afx”?

This setting makes no sense. The afx dsl is registered via the key Neos.Fusion.dsl.afx so this is probably from your own Configuration.

Hi Martin,
thx for your response.

I removed my SitePackage and the Plugins I installed, and checked my Configuration files. There is no Afx.

What else could be the problem?

Search for a Setting*.yaml file that contains the String Afx. That should yield a very manageable list of suspects. Am curious where this came from.

The only one I found is

      afx: Neos\Fusion\Afx\Dsl\AfxDslImplementation

in file: Packages/Application/Neos.Fusion.Afx/Configuration/Settings.yaml

But that can’t be the point creating:

    Afx: ()

Or could it?

      afx: Neos\Fusion\Afx\Dsl\AfxDslImplementation

That is absolutely valid. This is the line that registers the afx dsl. It is spelled differently and this path is allowed in the schema.

What does the setting in path actually “Settings.Neos.Fusion.Afx” contain? The Configuration tools should show you that. Maybe the value gives a hint. You can also try to clear the caches in case some broken configuration has been cached.

Just weird guessing: I once had a case where the setting got shorter in a deployment but the cache only overwrote the parts that where new and thus some old gibberish remained at the end of the cached configuration.

Another thing i would try to exclude is that you habe PackageFactory.AtomicFusion.AFX and Neos.Fusion.Afx in your setup. The first one is deprecated and totally replaced by Neos.Fusion.Afx.

However even the older versions of this package never used this path as far as i know. So this is just a precaution for some weirdness that might happen.

Sorry for the late reply:
This is what I can see in configuration:

I also removed the full cache, but there is no change.

And there is no PackageFactory.AtomicFusion.AFX