Setup of our own funding platform

(Tobias Gruber) #1

Hey everyone,

as you probably know currently Sandstorm is operating the Neos Funding Platform and I would like to move this to the Neos Foundation CIC this year preferably.

There are a few things where I would like to get the team’s and the community’s input on to design and build a decent solution.

business requirements (WIP)

(solely based on what the current funding platform does)

Shop Functionality

The solution should

  • support one-time purchases
  • support subscriptions
  • support customer accounts
  • not store customer payment information, but work with a payment provider
    • (I would strongly recommend to stay with the current model of pre-paid purchases only - so no invoice based purchases, as I assume no one of us wants the administrative overhead of running after money owed to us…)
  • generate invoices
  • send invoices via email
  • send email reminders for upcoming subscription payments
  • support the cancellation of a subscription from an email link
  • support multiple frontend languages
  • allow an editor to create new one-time badges (products)
  • handle VAT correctly (for UK, EU, non-EU; private and commercial purchases)

Badge Management

This functionality is currently integrated in the funding platform and part of the backend module. It could of course be completely separate.

  • store purchased badges in the cloud
  • create and manage supporter badges that cannot be purchased (event supporter, core feature sponsor, team member employer…)

Transparency and API

  • provide an API to provide transparency about purchases to provide data for the donations page on
  • provide transparency into revenues (and costs) of the Neos project and display them publicly

Cost Tracking (nice to have)

  • support the tracking of costs in different categories
  • support the definition of budgets

Topics to discuss

From my perspective, we have a couple of topics to address:

  • Could we reuse the current funding platform (with some adjustments of course)? @sebastian?
  • Which payment provider do we want to use? Currently we use Braintree.
  • If we don’t want to reuse the current platform, how could a possible new solution look like?
  • Who would spend effort to put the new funding platform in place? (I can offer to be the business PO :wink: )

A note on effort

Those of you who do shop projects (which this somewhat is to me) have an idea about the effort to setup and customize a proper shop. At Sandstorm we spent about 3 person months to get the funding platform to its current state (stable but far from great). And even if we were to adopt that technical basis, I would really really like some improvements before it goes live.

So on the one hand this can be a great opportunity to get more people to be able to work on the funding platform, but on the other hand of course that is spreading our available hours on yet another topic…

I’m looking forward to your input!

Team Tiga | Team Meeting | 2018-06-13
(Christian Müller) #2

Sorry, I coudln’t wrap my mind around it yet really. I would love to discuss it at the sprint though :slight_smile: