Should Neos be part of CMS Garden?

At the codesprint in hamburg we talked about an invitation of CMS-Garden for Neos to be part of it.

CMS-Garden is a association to promote Open Source Content Management Systems (the event archiv in german is bigger than in english)

It is a really nice opportunity to show Neos to a broader audience but it comes with paying a fee and also a need of many people to be at a CMS-Garden to show Neos.

Full Member - Company/Institution - 1,000.- €/year
Typical institutional members are associations that represent a CMS or companies that earn their money with one or more of the “Garden’s” CMS.

The following list should give an overview of past events to get an overview where and how often people would be needed and if the spended time is worth it. To get a closer lock there is a also discuss but only in German.

There is also a Twitter account

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I still think it’s a nice idea to join in!

Yes, I like that as well. Not a silver bullet, but could prove to be a good way of gaining visibility…

Funny that has no mention (as of tonight) of Neos having separated from TYPO3:


I like it a lot as well :slight_smile:

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