Show Neos Shared Footer in Flow Application

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to achieve the following and need help to achieve this:

I have a Neos 2.1 installation and a Flow Application. Neos is used for the CMS stuff (landing pages and so on), the Flow App is a shop system.
What I want to achieve is, that the shared footer of the Neos CMS is also added to my Flow App. So that I don’t have to hardcode the footer in the Flow App, … if possible.

I got a hint “typoscript view” but couldn’t figure out what I have to do. Maybe someone has an example or a link with further explanation/tutorial.

Thank you!

Thats the way how to do it in TYPO3 CMS:
In Flow the class names are a bit different but the steps are the same.

see also What's the best way to render nodes inside a Plugin (using TypoScript)?

Hope this helps

Hi Alexander

One approach would be to create a sub request inside your Flow controller to Neos with a specific path that is handled in a special way in Neos.

This can done like this or more explicitly without the routing part setting setControllerObjectName to Frontend\Node and setControllerActionName to show. And replace the $path variable with footer.html.

Then you need to create a condition on the root TypoScript path like this.

Things depends on your footer implementation, but should give you an idea.

Also you might want to cache the result in a cache for a grace period to avoid bootstrapping the whole Neos stack on every request. Also make sure you cache the footer section in using the TypoScript content cache if possible.

Hope it helps!