Simple Search Integration for shared hosting or managed vServer?

I’m searching for hosting solution- or vServer-supplier with search-possibilities (flowpack/simplesearch or ElasticSearch) in Neos.

- knows or uses someone Neos with a search-solution on a shared hosting package or a managed vServer? Would be great if this experience would shared.

Found Mittwald. Has Elastic-Search but not in hosting package or vServer. Only in test-environment to use. Maybe in theoretical it will run, but practical benefit could be destroyed.
Unfortunately they don’t offer SQLite-Server.

  • Did someone experience with Mittwalds Elastic-Search (on test-environment) in real-life Websites?

###Maybe the search-world of Neos have or will change?

  • Are there new possibilities to accomplish a Search-Solution Neos-internal or other plugins without SQLite-Server or with new or no special requirements in v3.0?

Hi Martin,
we have a solution for this at
If you want we can have a quick phone call tomorrow to discuss what you need.
And of course you can try it for free.
Fabian Stein

Hi Fabian,
thank you for offer. Send you a direct-message.