S'install sous Plesk?

Bonjour la communauté

Je suis nouveau , est je suis bleffé par la rapidité des sites que j’ai vue dans le showcase.

Cela s’installe sous Plesk ?


Before i really answer your question whether one can install neos on plesk, i just want to tell you, that this would be already the step ahead.
I would recommend installing and trying it out locally first and even the development should happen locally as this makes lots of things easier. Its much harder to install Neos on some webhosting (plesk) than to have it running locally.

So back to plesk: Sure, when you have access to the command line and php and can install composer (php package manager) :wink:
(btw. i think plesk offers some kind of gui for composer but i never got it to work ^^)

For example the german hoster ‘Netcup’ uses plesk too and after fiddling around i got it to work. This might help: Hosters (SharedHostings) supporting running Neos - Using Neos & Flow / Installation & Deployment - Discuss Neos – the official forum of the Neos project

  • You need to pay attention to the database requirements and the php version.
    System Requirements

  • also make sure the php version in the command line matches the version for the web requests. (set phpBinaryPathAndFilename)

  • plesk also offers the possibility to set the open_basedir restriction. Because the php files are stored outside the encapsulated document root of Neos (the ‘Web’ folder in your install), you would need to adjust the open_basedir to not only allow the document root but also at least everything from the parent folder.

(sorry for the englisch - most of us are german speaking ^^ and www.deepl.com helped with your france :wink: )

I was able to install it under Plesk, apache2, php-fpm 7.4 last version.
I had easy to install it.

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