Site import/export causing the problem

Hi Team,

Initially, I imported a Neos site on a live server with some default content and then the site admin made some changes to the content on the live server. (like updating the images, changing the text, etc…)
I take an export from live and while trying to import it on my local development machine I’m receiving the below error:

I used the below command for export:
./flow site:export --package-key Test.Neos

Can you tell me what is the cause of it?

What is the best way to import/export content from a live server or vice versa?

If you didn’t copy the resources or your ImageMagick/GD/Vips setup is locally different (or broken) than on production such errors might occur. The easiest way to transfer states between servers is currently sitegeist/magicwand - sitegeist - ☰ Extension packages & plugins - Download -


Check your XML after doing the export – if it ends “right in the middle”, you may have a problem during export. Otherwise, if the export looks good, check the settings for image processing as suggested above.

I usually transfer sites using an SQL dump and an archive of Data/Persistent. Essentially what sitegeist/magicwand does, so if you do this just once, the manual way might be faster.

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