Site package StandardController

Hello Everyone,

may I missed something but I’m unable to call either the indexAction or the __construct function in my sitePackage:StandardController.

I need some variables be set and / or called when my Site is loaded.
Therefor I thought I can use the StandardController of my Site Package, but neither the indexAction nor a construct is called.

I’ve also checked and created a Policy.yaml to make sure on all actions my controller is called. But without any luck.
Can anyone please give me a hint how to use this controller properly?

Thank you very much

Not sure what you try to do, but that’s normal that your standard controller is not called during a Neos request. The Request is handled by Neos controllers :wink:

Can you explain a little bit more your use case, like why you need those variables, where you want to use them, … and we can try to help you a bit more.

Thanks for the Feedback already.

We have a Multisite-Installation of Neos running and each Site should have some Information which are only useable for this Site. These Information contain things like Adresses, Names which we need in some of our own packages. We also need some of these information (additional classes) put into our default templates …

We thought it would be a good place to store these information.