Slackin for

It might be interesting to integrate this little tool called Slackin into

That makes it easy for people to join the Slack channel.

We have that setup since the beginning :wink:

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Can someone integrate in the top right menu?

Can the badge be integrated in

That will greatly benefit the visibility of that channel.

Yes sure! Good idea, I gues that was just not done yet because we wanted to rework anyway.

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Better do it now. I know that story from another CMS project. LOL

Where can I direct these kind of requests. There is no Jira project or that yet, right? These are typical items for community memebers that are not core devs.

I’d say this very category is a good place to ask and discuss about those things, so well done already. :slight_smile:

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As long as it is not a good place to rest then yes

@robert: could you take care of adding the link to the website since you’re the only one who can deploy that atm.?

… and please add the widget in the footer?


It would still be cool to have the slackin widget in the footer.