Slick carousel slider problem

Has someone a slick carousel with Neos 3.3 in use and could share the code with me?

I tried to implement a slick carousel in Neos according the tutorial here but it’s not working.

There is a plugin for a slick carousel in Neos but it’s not working anymore with Neos 3.3.

What functionality is not working?

I get the error message: Fatal error: Class ‘TYPO3\Flow\Package\Package’ not found in […]/Packages/Plugins/M12.SlickCarousel/Classes/M12/SlickCarousel/Package.php on line 19

Okay, I can see that the file is empty, so you can remove that.

It seems to have many references to the TYPO3 namespace so we can do a quick search/replace to see if it can work for you

In the following files, replace TYPO3 with Neos

and then you should be able to do rescan of the packages

Thank you Soren for your help! I’ll try it.

Three beginner questions before I start. How can I change the content of this third party plugin without overwrite my changes if I make an update with composer update afterwards? And what exactly do you mean with rescan?

Do I also have to replace TYPO3.TypoScript: and TYPO3\Flow\Package and useTYPO3`` in the files Slick.ts2, Package.php, Slick.html and WrapRemoveImplementation.php?

Yes, all references to TYPO3 should be changed to Neos.

rescan is the command ./flow neos.flow:package:rescan that rescans packages and make sure the autoloading is correct :slight_smile:

Once you got it working, you should fork the original package, and provide a pull request, with the changes so other can use it for Neos 3 aswell :slight_smile:

Unfortunately just search&replace of TYPO3 in the code didn’t work. Now I get error messages because classes are missing:

Required class “M12\Utils\TypoScript\WrapRemoverImplementation” could not be loaded properly for reflection.
Required class “Neos\TypoScript\TypoScriptObjects\AbstractTypoScriptObject” could not be loaded properly for reflection.

You should change that namespaces too: “Neos\TypoScript\TypoScriptObjects\AbstractTypoScriptObject” is “Neos\Fusion\FusionObjects\AbstractFusionObject” in version 3.3