SMTP server when sending mail

Hi all :grin:
I’m developing a few websites using neos and I’ve created some custom forms per client request but now I’m experiencing a few “problems” and I was wondering if anybody could help me fix them.

When sending a mail in dev mode Neos uses a specific service for sending mail that I specify in a Setting.yaml file (I’m using mailtrap). But on production emails don’t send. I figured that it was because there was no sendmail on the production server but I was wondering: How do I set up a service like mailtrap for production mode?

Thanks in advance

Hi Daniele,

welcome to the Forum! I’m having trouble understanding what the question is precisely about.

  • Do you want to set up mailtrap in production?
  • Do you need help with where to put settings in production mode?
  • Or is it more like “which [type of] email service to use” and “how to configure neos to use it”?

As an personal opinion, on a production server I’d like to avoid “being responsible” for email. In light of that, I tend to use an email provider and use its smtp server like this (requires the package neos/swiftmailer):


      type: Swift_SmtpTransport
        port: '587'
        password: 'my-email-password'
        encryption: tls

Configuration reference for the neos/swiftmailer package is here.

Of course, the type of transport (in the example above: smtp) depends a lot on your use case.

Thank you for the response! I was trying the same thing just in the wrong place

Daniel, could you please mark Ludwigs response as solution if it worked out for you?

Yeah, it actually wasn’t the solution to my problem, it was the same. What I did find useful was inside the neos reference page, it’s a parameter for Neos.Neos.MenuItems called maximumLevels which increased the depth of the Menu list iteration, so now I can see up to depth level 3. (3 is a number you can set up inside Settings.yaml, i’m saying this for anyone who might stumble upon this post in the future)

Thank you anyways!

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