Solid complete Bootstrap theme for Neos?

Could anyone point me to the most solid Twitter bootstrap solution for Neos?
I found several early versions of bootstrap themes or no longer mainted codebases.
I think for newcomers it would be welcome feature if there would be a solid Bootstrap ( and/or other framework template like material ). To really showcase the power of Neos out of the box.

Things I look for is:

  • Be able to create columns
  • Be able to add content elements ( bootstrap’s elements like video, button, icon, etc )
  • Easy way to edit and modify Custom CSS from the Neos UI
  • Many out of the box content elements like elegant themes divi plugin has
    *** A simple way to develop your site locally ( content, CSS, structure ) and then “Push” this content to a production server**

Any thoughts suggestions in this regard?
I also found very little bootstrap themes or outdated ones for Neos, I can’t be the only one looking for a solution like this?

You could use the neos base distribution package and add your custom content elements…

There are grid, video and many more elements.

But not all you know from divi or somewhere else … you have to improve.