[Solution] Prevent NodeType properties from being translated

Sometimes there are properties that must not be translated (like references, keys, ids, etc)

to disable a property in all dimensions but the default dimension you can use this configuration

            disabled: 'ClientEval: !node.matchesCurrentDimensions'
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@admins I thought, instead of setting up a blog that nobody wants to visit, I’ll just post stuff like this here to document it (for myself and others), but I can’t flag it as solution…

Edit: I can mark replies as solution, but not the post… this seems to be impossible https://github.com/discourse/discourse-solved → maybe there could be a new Category for [Solutions]? or I just keep doing it like I did here. :slight_smile:

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In any case, we need more hints, tips, tricks and help outside of the sometimes somewhat rudimentary tutorials.

Probably we just need more “community” for NEOS.

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Unfortunately a lot of the discussions happen in slack, where the q&a are not accessible publicly. :neutral_face:

We need to figure out how to get the community from Slack to discourse. Putting questions and content here is a start. I also try to post questions here and only post a link to slack.

It is right that a lot of the discussions happen in slack. But we as team always prefer discuss as platform. For the same reasons you already mentioned.

So, the best practice is to use discuss for questions, but as the most people like to have instant feedback they prefer slack :wink:

I registered a domain neoscms.rocks some time ago and the plan was to have a platform where we collect all neos related podcasts, blog posts and so on with little teasers and link back to the pages. But to have one place for awesome external content. Project is still under progress because I have limited time :wink:


Did you start developing yet?
And can you either post a link to the repository or open a new thread with your ideas? I also have limited time, but this just made me start thinking… :wink:

Not against Slack or a small, active community that likes to communicate directly with each other. But keep in mind that this is not a learning platform as such. It’s more like an inner circle. The reach is inevitably small.

I think especially every NEOS beginner will find too few sources. And even advanced learning content can hardly be conveyed to the masses via Slack (the reason for @till.kleisli to open this thread here with some helpful content).

I think there are definitely too few sources around NEOS on the web, so that each of us probably once had the thought that one would have to start a blog. But NEOS expertise is a prerequisite before starting something, off course.

In fact, I personally find that so little content can be found on the web. That I sometimes wonder, in relation to the class of NEOS (I personally really, really like it), if the project is secretly dying again.

I don’t believe it’s dying.

To quote a fellow programmer, when we were talking about TYPO3

i have heard from many people that they now prefer to use neos

I also don’t believe this really. But sometimes my brain comes across the corner and ask me this :wink:

I, personally, think that Neos is not dying, the user base seems to grow. But not everyone who uses an open-source CMS also provide patches, docs or contribute in another way.

I think we have the issue, that the people who know how to build all the stuff in Neos are so distracted with work, that they don’t have much time left for onboarding and other contributions.
It would be definitely cool to have a better onboarding and more docs. Roland did an outstanding job with docs.neos.io, but again it was a lot of work for very few people.

So if we as a community want more resources, we also need to find more people that will be able to contribute. And of course, the elders need to find time to review stuff and share some deeper knowledge.