[SOLVED] 2 basic questions

(Salvador Atienza) #1


how do you generate external Links with the LinkEditor?

Is it possible to hide a shared Footer in the Default Home Page?

Thanks and regards

(Bastian Waidelich) #2

Hi Salvador,

Just enter the absolute URL (including “http…”) and then select the entered URL (just hitting <Enter> won’t work):


It depends how you set it up, but I would suggest to use a different node type for the homepage and leave out the footer for its rendering

(Salvador Atienza) #3

Thank you a lot Bastian,

the problem with the external link ist that I get an Exception: “Paths must not contain two consecutive slashes”.

I tried the following in fusion with no effect:

nodeLink = ${q(node).property(‘linkAnchor’)}
nodeLink.@process.convertUris = Neos.Neos:ConvertUris {
forceConversion = true

Thanks and regards

(Bastian Waidelich) #4

What’s the value of ${q(node).property(‘linkAnchor’)}?
And why forceConversion = true?

(Salvador Atienza) #5

Hello Bastian,

my yaml is:

      type: string
        label: 'Link Anchor'
        reloadIfChanged: true
          editor: 'Neos.Neos/Inspector/Editors/LinkEditor'

<neos:link.node node="{linkAnchor}" class="g-color-white-opacity-0_6 g-color-primary--hover">{linkText}</neos:link.node>

prototype(xxx:FooterInternLink) < prototype(Neos.Neos:Content) {
linkAnchor = ${q(node).property(‘linkAnchor’)}

I get an Exception with external links: “Paths must not contain two consecutive slashes”.

Thank you and regards

(Benjamin Klix) #6

Hi @salvador,

i think @bwaidelich wanted to know, which value you entered in the backend that leads to this error.
Can you tell us the value that was entered in the backend?
Also: Can you print the value (without conversion)?


(Salvador Atienza) #7

Hello @BenjaminK,

well, I entered “http://www.google.de” in the Backend via LinkEditor.
The output leads to the mentioned error, with or without conversion.

Thanks and regards

(Rene Rehme) #8

@salvador can reproduce this. You can fix that by add convertUris in fusion file like this:

prototype(xxx:FooterInternLink) < prototype(Neos.Neos:Content) {
    linkAnchor = ${q(node).property(‘linkAnchor’)}
    linkAnchor.@process.convertUris = Neos.Neos:ConvertUris

And replace

<neos:link.node node="{linkAnchor}" class="g-color-white-opacity-0_6 g-color-primary--hover">{linkText}</neos:link.node>


<a href="{linkAnchor}" class="g-color-white-opacity-0_6 g-color-primary--hover">{linkText}</a>

in your Fluid.

However, it’s the wrong viewhelper for you. neos:link.node accept only A node object, a string node path (absolute or relative), a string node://-uri or NULL but in your case {linkText} is only a normal string -> “http://www.google.de” . This viewhelper expect something like node:// or /sites/acmecom/home/about/us as sting

(Salvador Atienza) #9

Thanks @renewoerz, now it works !