[Solved] Access MediaRepository Information (Title, Caption, CopyrightNotice) via Fusion


Is there a function/eel-helper/something to access the title, caption, copyright-notice, tag, … from the media-repository within fusion?

I’d like to replace the alternative text from an image with the title (or caption) if not set in the inspector.

Would like to hear some hints and ideas. Thanks alot!

Best, H.


The image/asset reference you can access in Fusion should have those properties. So you can do image.title or image.caption to get the values.

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Hi @hansemann, if the solution worked, please prefix the topic with [Solved]

thx & did it and came up with the following lines of fusioncode:

image = ${q(node).property('image')}
imageAlt = ${String.isBlank( q(node).property('alternativeText') ) ? this.image.title : q(node).property('alternativeText')}

to solve the lazyness. (caption, title and copyrightNotice are avaiable as string)

But where did I missed the documentation? And how do I deal with the tag-Array also provided :slight_smile: