[SOLVED] Boilerplate sites.xml?

I would like to install a as clean as possible neos-base-system.

In the Database there is some dimensions-values language “en_US”. I search the reason for this default-value and only found it in the sites.xml. I guess it is the copied sites.xml file from the Kickstartet, which does this default.

Is there somewhere a boilerplate-sites-xml file for an «as clean as possible» base-system for de_DE?
I tried to change the value, but I have problems with all the migrate stuff…

A try without sites.xml file also through an error :grin:.

Would be great to have such a clean sites.xml or the docu-link to find the most reduced version for this file. Or if I’m wrong a hint where this dimensionsvalue-default ist from.



The dimension values only get into the DB if you install a site with dimensions.
Otherwise, if you install Neos as described and don’t install the demo site in the last step of the setup, there shouldn’t be any dimensions.

You can then copy & adjust the demo site or use the kickstarter to create a new site

Hi Bastian,
thank you.
Don’t no why, but there where still those en_US elements also in Kickstarter…
I deleted it by hand.
Works fine!