[SOLVED] Can't get the search-plugin to work

(Alexander Gärtner) #1

As the title says. Im not able to get the search-plugin Flowpack.SearchPlugin with the Flowpack.SimpleSearch.ContentRepositoryAdaptor up and running.

After the installtion-process i try to run: ./flow nodeindex:build
but this throws an issue -> “Notice: Array to string conversion…Flowpack_SimpleSearch_Domain_Service_SqLiteIndex.php line 117”

I run neos in the version 3.3.7

Thanks in advance!

(Tom Glöckler) #2

Same here. My question in the Neos Slack channel:


I have installed the Flowpack.SearchPlugin with Flowpack.SimpleSearch and Flowpack.SimpleSearch.ContentRepositoryAdaptor. When trying to run ./flow nodeindex:build I get this error:

Notice: Array to string conversion in \project/source/Data/Temporary/Development/Cache/Code/Flow_Object_Classes/Flowpack_SimpleSearch_Domain_Service_SqLiteIndex.php line 117

print_r($propertyValue); in the mentioned line gives me:

	[input] => Array
			[0] => Home

	[output] => 630ff31c-24e1-4b79-bac4-f2d4874554ce
	[payload] => {"nodeIdentifier":"630ff31c-24e1-4b79-bac4-f2d4874554ce"}
	[weight] => 20

So obviously that piece of code (implode etc.) cannot work since it is a multi-dimensional array.
Can this a problem with our site/node structure or with the Plugin code?

Could it be possible that this plugin does not work with a multi-language site…?

(Christian Müller) #3

Hey, I need a bit more context on this error. I just installed simplesearch in a Neos 3.3 (with demo site) and ran the nodeindex:build command without problems. So that looks like a problem with this specific Node content. But I see that implode is rather limited in it’s use. You can work around this problem by configuring a custom search.indexing EEL expression that applies JSON.stringify on the property value for now, but I have an idea for a fix…

(Christian Müller) #4

I would appreciate if you could try the latest version. I assume you have the 2.0.x version of the flowpack/simplesearch-contentrepositoryadaptor package. Please try installing version “2.0.x-dev” and see if the problem is fixed with that as I don’t have an easy way to test this.

(Tom Glöckler) #5

Christian, thanks for your reply. I’m not quite sure what additional context/information I could give you. As already mentioned, it is a multi-language site. Is SimpleSearch intended to be used with language dimensions? I mean like “show only Swedish search results when I’m on the Swedish version of the site”…?

(Christian Müller) #6

Do you recognise the array that fails? This must be some node property value from your project. I would like to know what it is…

(Tom Glöckler) #7

This is what I get when I print_r the $properties argument in SqliteIndex#insertOrUpdatePropertiesToIndex (replaced customer/project name and text contents with ***):

    [__identifier] => 112d8c74-e074-4be6-bcb6-5fb366a151fc
    [__workspace] => #live#
    [__path] => /
    [__parentPath] => ##
    [__sortIndex] => 
    [__type] => unstructured
    [__typeAndSupertypes] => #unstructured#
    [__dimensionshash] => #fb11fdde869d0a8fcfe00a2fd35c031d#
    [__identifier] => b21139d3-e471-4f29-86d5-3f7aba579939
    [__workspace] => #live#
    [__path] => /sites
    [__parentPath] => #/#
    [__sortIndex] => 100
    [__type] => unstructured
    [__typeAndSupertypes] => #unstructured#
    [__dimensionshash] => #fb11fdde869d0a8fcfe00a2fd35c031d#
    [_path] => 
    [_name] => 
    [_nodeType] => 
    [__identifier] => 630ff31c-24e1-4b79-bac4-f2d4874554ce
    [__workspace] => #live#
    [__path] => /sites/website
    [__parentPath] => #/#/sites#
    [__sortIndex] => 100
    [__type] => Neos.NodeTypes:Page
    [__typeAndSupertypes] => #Neos.NodeTypes:Page#Neos.Neos:Document#Neos.Neos:Node#Neos.Neos:Hidable#Neos.Neos:Timable#Flowpack.SearchPlugin:SuggestableMixin#Flowpack.SearchPlugin:AutocompletableMixin#Neos.Seo:TitleTagMixin#Neos.Seo:SeoMetaTagsMixin#Neos.Seo:TwitterCardMixin#Neos.Seo:CanonicalLinkMixin#Neos.Seo:OpenGraphMixin#Neos.Seo:XmlSitemapMixin#***.Website:HeaderVisualMixin#Neos.Neos:Content#FormatD.NodeTypes:TextMixin#***.Website:OnePageNavigationExternalLinkMixin#***.Website:MenuTitleMixin#***.Website:LinkTextMixin#
    [__dimensionshash] => #fb11fdde869d0a8fcfe00a2fd35c031d#
    [_hidden] => 
    [_hiddenBeforeDateTime] => 
    [_hiddenAfterDateTime] => 
    [__suggestions] => Array
            [input] => Array
                    [0] => Home

            [output] => 630ff31c-24e1-4b79-bac4-f2d4874554ce
            [payload] => {"nodeIdentifier":"630ff31c-24e1-4b79-bac4-f2d4874554ce"}
            [weight] => 20

    [__completion] => Home
    [titleOverride] => ***
    [metaDescription] => ***
    [metaKeywords] => ***
    [metaRobotsNoindex] => 
    [metaRobotsNofollow] => 
    [twitterCardType] => 
    [twitterCardCreator] => 
    [twitterCardTitle] => 
    [twitterCardDescription] => 
    [canonicalLink] => 
    [openGraphType] => website
    [openGraphTitle] => ***
    [openGraphDescription] => ***
    [xmlSitemapChangeFrequency] => 
    [xmlSitemapPriority] => 
    [title] => Home
    [uriPathSegment] => home
    [_hiddenInIndex] => 
    [text] => ***
    [headline] => ***
    [visualHeight] => height--big-820
    [onePageNavLink] => 
    [onePageNavLinkText] => 
    [linkText] => 
    [menuSubtitle] => 
    [applicationArea] => 
    [menuColumnWidth] => 4
    [layout] => 
    [subpageLayout] => 

After this the mentioned error occurs.
Does this help?

(Christian Müller) #8

A lot <3
I can pinpoint it to the suggestions of the search plugin now. I will have a look there, apparently this is incompatible with the simple search. Although as said, the latest version (just tagged) should make it work.

(Tom Glöckler) #9

Hey, it works! Thank you!
At least the nodeindex starts to get built but then I’m running out of memory… :confused:

Workspace "live" and dimensions "{"language":["de"]}" done. (Indexed 4023 nodes)
Workspace "live" and dimensions "{"language":["en","de"]}" done. (Indexed 4004 nodes)
Workspace "live" and dimensions "{"language":["fr","de"]}" done. (Indexed 4000 nodes)
Workspace "live" and dimensions "{"language":["it","de"]}" done. (Indexed 3901 nodes)
Workspace "live" and dimensions "{"language":["nl","de"]}" done. (Indexed 4004 nodes)
Workspace "live" and dimensions "{"language":["da","de"]}" done. (Indexed 3997 nodes)
Workspace "live" and dimensions "{"language":["sv","de"]}" done. (Indexed 3990 nodes)
Workspace "user-fdadmin" and dimensions "{"language":["de"]}" done. (Indexed 4023 nodes)
Workspace "user-fdadmin" and dimensions "{"language":["en","de"]}" done. (Indexed 4004 nodes)
Workspace "user-fdadmin" and dimensions "{"language":["fr","de"]}" done. (Indexed 4000 nodes)

mmap() failed: [12] Cannot allocate memory    

mmap() failed: [12] Cannot allocate memory

Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 1600393216) (tried to allocate 20480 bytes) in /project/source/Packages/Libraries/doctrine/orm/lib/Doctrine/ORM/Internal/Hydration/AbstractHydrator.php on line 415

Gotta see what I can do about this …

(Christian Müller) #10

I will say that if you have memory problems with 1.5 GB of data loaded for indexing, then probably simple search is too small a solution for your site.

(Tom Glöckler) #11

Holy crap, I think you’re right… :thinking: We have a site with 7 languages and 19 workspaces. I’ve now given the Vagrant box 8 Gigs of RAM and will try the indexing again … actually we only need a simple kind of keyword search, ES would be „too much of a good thing”, I reckon …

(Tom Glöckler) #12

Darn! Ran out of memory again … :confused:
So you would recommend to go for the ES variant of the SearchPlugin…?

(Bastian Waidelich) #13

That sounds like a lot for the SimpleSearch o.O

(Tom Glöckler) #14

Yes indeed. What could be an alternative…?

(Christian Müller) #15

Elastic Search :slight_smile:

(Tom Glöckler) #16

OK, limiting the workspace to ‘live’ did the job. You guys could’ve told me that there’s this option… :stuck_out_tongue:

So I basically could get it up and running, but now, after searching for something:
Method "searchHitForNode" is not callable in untrusted context

The „good old untrusted context“ … :confused:

(Tom Glöckler) #17

Meanwhile up an running but … uhhhmm … SimpleSearch has no substring search, right @christianm ?

Kasperl -> no result
Kasperl* -> result
Theater -> no result
*theater -> no result

(Tom Glöckler) #18

OK, we’re going for Elastic Search, thanks!