[SOLVED] Cloning NEOS project to Local from Live


I am looking for creating a clone of the project from the live server to my localhost for development. I am new to Neos and the project on the live server is not version controlled. How can I go ahead still and create the same environment at my localhost.

  • The same content
  • The same database and everything.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Guessing that you know a bit about Neos and Flow from your post, I’m going to describe the steps needed to setup up locally and export/import the content

  • Hopefully there is a composer.json file - copy that to your local installation
  • Run composer install
  • export the content of existing site with the command ./flow site:export
  • Import the content to your local site with ./flow site:import
  • Create a admin user via the command line tool
  • And you are good to go :slight_smile:

If you need to do this on a more regular basis (syncing live DB and assets with your local environment) there is a tool called MagicWand which can all do this in one command: https://github.com/sitegeist/sitegeist.magicwand

Thanks for the answers everyone. I imported a whole zip of the project and dumped the database to my local db version and now everything works as expected.