[SOLVED] Date.add / DateHelper.php doesn't work for me


I am unable to use the Date.add function.

test = ${Date.add(Date.create('today'), '2 days')}

Doesn’t work.
I have to edit the file DateHelper.php (Neos.Eel)

     * Add an interval to a date and return a new DateTime object
     * @param \DateTime $date
     * @param string|\DateInterval $interval
     * @return \DateTime
    public function add($date, $interval)
I added this line -->
        $interval = date_interval_create_from_date_string($interval);
        if (!$interval instanceof \DateInterval) {
            $interval = new \DateInterval($interval);
        $result = clone $date;
        return $result->add($interval);

Does the date.add function work for anyone without date_interval_create_from_date_string() ?

Thanks in advance

You have to follow the syntax outlined here:


in your case: P2D

I find the idea to support the string syntax you used nice as well, but then that would be breaking. We might add it as separate method.

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Hi Christian,

Thank you very much for your fast and professional answer. I probably wouldn’t have found the solution even though I had been reading the PHP manual all day today. It finally worked, I’m very happy about that.

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btw Date.create('+2 days') should work, too