[SOLVED] Define/Remove Content Dimensions


I’m trying to define just two languages for my neos site (Neos-Version: 2.3.7). For now I read the documentation and tried the following code in my site package:

        label: 'Language'
        icon: 'icon-language'
        default: 'de'
        defaultPreset: 'de'
          'all': ~
            label: 'English (US)'
            values: ['en_US']
            uriSegment: 'en'
            label: 'German'
            values: ['de']
            uriSegment: 'de'

But it has no affects on neos. Do I have to change something else?

I just want to have two languages in the backend language menu and the default language should be german.

Hope someone can help me.


You have to run a node type migration (should be mentioned in the documentation as well).

Hey @david.sporer,

I already tried this node migration:

./flow node:migrate 20150716212459
but it has no effect on the site. Still got all the languages in the backend menu and the default language in the frontend is english. Got the migration command from the Neos documentation.

You can see the site under the following link: www.adullam2013.de maybe this helps.

Greetings, David

Is it possible that you still have the Neos.Demo package installed? Even if the package is not the one your currenet site is based the configuration will still be evaluated.

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I realy had the Neos.Demo package activated. After deactivating this package everything works fine.