[SOLVED] Error: During import

Hey folks, I get this error while using ./flow site:import
any sugestions how to fix that?

Exception #1300360480: Error: During import an exception occurred: “Exception while property mapping for target type “TYPO3\Media\Domain\Model\ImageVariant”, at property path “originalAsset.resource”: Importing a file into the resource collection “persistent” failed: Could not copy the file from “resource://Systemum.Homepage/Private/Content/Resources/5254b51efbb4282c200aad0fc8f084736d5f68f1” to temporary file “/var/www/virtual/systemum/Base/Data/Temporary/Development/TYPO3_Flow_ResourceImport_58b5c5557da5a”.”.

Check file permissions for the the Data/Temporary folder

E.g. run the ./flow flow:core:setfilepermissions command

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sorry for reactivating this post.

but… why?