[SOLVED] Get NodeVariantCreationDialog even with a configured fallback language

Hello everyone,

when we have multiple language dimensions, it is common that we get a little dialog in the UI if we want to create an empty page in the dimension or copy the whole content.

When you configure a fallback language, the dialog does not pop up.

Do we already have a setting to have the same behavior as without a fallback language in the backend but have a fallback language?

Hope the description is not to confusing :smiley:

Example Language setting:

        label: Latvian
          - lv
          - en_US
        uriSegment: lv

Example for the dialog:

We found the solution on slack, and we just don’t have the dialog in the backend then. But when you start editing the content, we create the nodes in the right dimension and everything is fine :smiley:

Thanks to @christianm for the clarification!

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