[SOLVED] Hosting: php not found

Hey there,

I’ve got a crazy problem. I’m now trying for at least hours to deploy a Neos site on easyname.com. There are several problems.

  1. OPcache is not fully supported, does hosting there make sense anyway? (opcache_reset() has been disabled for security reasons)
  2. PHP CLI is 5.6 and no higher version is currently supported
  3. Should the Open Basedir be activated?
  4. Neos can’t find php under usr/bin/php, but the path exists
  5. Flow isn’t executable (not a permission problem)


Thank you!

Doesn’t make much sense from what you describe there, especially if there is no CLI binary to go with.
And opcache_reset disabled is also not great because you might not be able to flush the cache after changes. I would probably not host there at all. The only thing that can work there might be to deploy with caches warmed up and never run CLI on that sysstem but that seems all pretty pointless and not worth the effort.

Hey @christianm,

thanks for the tip!