[SOLVED] How to add dl.gallery as child of Neos.Neos:Document

I’ve got my document node:

      type: 'DL.Gallery:Gallery'

and here is a fusion compendium of all ways I tried to get this running:

            gallery = DL.Gallery:Themes.BootstrapLightbox {
                nodePath = 'images'
                node = ${q(node).children('images')

                assets = ${q(node).children('images').property('assets')}
                assetCollection = ${q(node).children('images').property('assetCollection')}
                tag = ${q(node).children('images').property('tag')}
                sortingField = ${q(node).children('images').property('sortingField')}
                sortingDirection = ${q(node).children('images').property('sortingDirection')}
                theme = ${q(node).children('images').property('theme')}

The properties like assets or tags get loaded correct. But node oder nodePath seem to fail and I get the message:

Es wurden weder Bilder noch eine Sammlung oder ein Tag ausgewählt oder die ausgewählte Sammlung oder der ausgewählte Tag enthält keine Bilder.

Any hint why this happens?

By the way, adding a gallery in the main contentCollection works fine.

Hey Erich, why don’t you let the plugin render itself?

    renderedGallery = Neos.Neos:ContentCollectionRenderer {
        @context.node = ${q(node).children('images')}

could work

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Well … hmm … that is excactly what I was looking for.

Learning just never ends. Isn’t that nice?
Every day a surprise.
Thx Daniel!!

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Just to make this complete. It has to be collection instead of @context.node :

            renderedGallery = Neos.Neos:ContentCollectionRenderer {
                collection = ${q(node).children('images')}