[SOLVED] How to deploy files to Web directory


What’s the most “sane” and clever way to deliver an additional *.php file to the Document-Root (Web/) directory so it exists right next to “Web/index.php” like e.g. “Web/foobar.php”.

Ways that I thought about but am not sure which one to choose:

  • add a “Web/foobar.php” file to the whole site’s distribution repository
  • add it $somewhere to the magic of the existing “create Web-Directory” and “create Web/index.php” functionality
  • add it as a separate step to the Surf deployment like “copy from /Packages/X/Y/foobar.php to Web/foobar.php”

Any hint is appreciated!


you can actually let Flow do that just like the index.php, see Neos.Neos composer.json

   "neos": {
        "installer-resource-folders": [

and then see the contents of that folder. Basically you can have a Defaults and an Essentials folder Essentials will overwrite on every composer install while Defaults only get copied if the target doesn’t exist yet.

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