[SOLVED] How to enriche DL.Gallery

I’m searching for a possibility to create a custom fusion object, that would include https://github.com/daniellienert/DL.Gallery. This PlugIn is really great!!

So created my configuration *.yaml file:

    'Neos.Neos:Content': true
    'Neos.NodeTypes:TextMixin': true
    'Neos.NodeTypes:ImageMixin': true
    'DL.Gallery:Gallery': true
    label: 'CSM Bildergalerie'
    group: 'general'
    icon: 'icon-images'
    inlineEditable: TRUE
          placeholder: 'Galerie Beschreibung ...'

and then the fusion file:

prototype(Vendor.SitePackage:Gallery) {
  templatePath = 'resource://Vendor.SitePackage/Private/Templates/FusionObjects/Gallery.html'

  text = ${q(node).property('text')}

      templatePath = 'resource://Vendor.SitePackage/Private/Templates/FusionObjects/GalleryY.html'


The text should hold my description and the image mixin will hold an image as placeholder for the gallery. When I place the content element, my gallery.html is not used. Instead there is BootstrapLightbox.html used. And therefor I don’t get the text property as inline editable field. What do I have to do to get this?

Found the solution!

Adding my fusion object as fusionPrototype setting as described in the readme.md of https://github.com/daniellienert/DL.Gallery for “Building your own theme” solved the problem.

A really great plugin!

Thank you Daniel!