[Solved] Image in webp format

Hello, I want to upload an image in webp format.
I get the following message:


pictures in jpg format work fine.

Thank you in advance.
Best regards

Hello Bernd,

Thanks for reaching us. Which Neos version do you use?
Not all versions support WebP, and you also need to enable it on the web server.

So take care that GD or ImageMagick support WebP.

Hello Markus,

I used Neos 7.1.0 and Imagick.
Now I changed to Gd and it works.
Thank you.

Great that it is now working, but it is also possible to have WebP with ImageMagick.
But when Gd is fine for you, it is also ok :slight_smile:

Just for the sake of completeness, if you want to check whether or not your ImageMagick version supports WebP, you can use the following command:

convert -list format | grep WebP

If there is a result, it would look like this

WEBP* WEBP      rw-   WebP Image Format (libwebp 0.6.1[0208])