[SOLVED] ImageMagick Crop fail

Hello Guys,

I’ve got a weird Problem in my Image Cropping Inspector. If i choose an Image in the Gallery, it looks like that initially. In the content area it looks fine, but the Inspector stretch it.

Next i pushing the crop button, and surprise the image is not stretched anymore in the inspector.

But after i played around with the cropping tool, the image looks weird in the inspector. If i save this Picture section it looks extreme different in the content area.

The setup tool detects ImageMagick and the hosting provider promises that i can use it.


This is the required section in my Settings.yaml

    driver: Imagick

So, i hope someone can help me, i really don’t have got an idea what the problem is.


Knowing the exact Neos version used might help.

Is is possible that have css similar to like this:

img {witdh: 100%}

Since the classic backend is loaded into your page your css rules may interfere with neos-modules if they are to generic.

Hey Martin,

Thank’s for your hint. I removed my own css from template and surprise, it works again :wink:

So i will search the fault in my css properties.

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