[SOLVED] ImageMagick | progressive images


is it possible to tell Neos that the images, that are generated via ImageMagick, should be generated with the option ‘progressive’ instead of ‘interlaced’? Currently Google PageSpeed says that this could be optimized.

Can you review this change https://github.com/neos/neos-development-collection/pull/1780

With this options you can enable globally if the image must interlaced or not.


Hi Dominique,

that worked fine, thanks. But I’ve had to add this code for myself, because the current Neos version 3.2.1 doesn’t contain this fix.

Kind regards

Hi @lmis
You could use the package MOC.ImageOptimizer.

But this one require some CLI binary to be available

Yes, when I see your request, I was working on the PR, so hope to have this merged for next release.

@lmis Can I ask you to make your review public on github, that will help to have the feature merged

@dfeyer: I don’t know what You mean. I’ve never made pull requests, reviews or something else on GIT. Just checking out projects :see_no_evil:

@lmis Just login a github and add a comment :wink: it’s enough, like this other people now that this as been tested :wink: