[SOLVED] In Neos 4, I can not see any content items in a ContentCollection

Hey guys!

In my package NeosRulez.Bootstrap I have a Bootstrap container NodeType. In Neos 3, inserting elements into this NodeType works fine. But in Neos 4 I can insert content elements in the container NodeType, they are not visible on the page and they are not editable.

The frame in which content elements can be inserted in a ContentCollection is also not visible. I’ve already disabled stylesheets because I thought it might be because of that.

When I disable the NeosRulez.Bootstrap package everything works fine.

This is my package: https://github.com/patriceckhart/NeosRulez.Bootstrap

Can someone help me?

The solution:

Namespace inheritance was removed in Neos 4.0 (Changelog).